Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to do, what to do

So I have now decided I may want to break up with my RE. I started AF on Sunday, so Monday would be day 2, Tuesday day 3, etc. They put the fear of god in you that if you start your period you must RUN there to get poked and prodded to make sure you start your new protocol on time. After I broke down and called the RE on Sunday he said to come in Thursday. I thought that seemed a long time to wait so I called again yesterday, um, twice, and the nurse checked with him and said yes, sure enough, Thursday. So I am wondering, if I go in there, and he says I waited too long to come in and we missed the protocol window this month, can I shove the internal sonogram wand up his ass? At the least, J and I will be breaking up with him. I hate stupid people but lazy people are worse and he is getting on my nerves with his laissez faire attitude about my ovaries. J has a meeting with him next Wed to ask a multitude of questions; I am not going so the boys can talk.

Also, I made an (expensive) appointment to see an acupuncturist. Anyone ever done that? My friend Lisa swears by her and said she specializes in infertility. Amazing how that word, which used to make me cry, trips so nicely off the tongue. Or keyboard. Anyway, I feel like anything I can do to stack the deck in my favor is great. Will fill you in on how it goes and what happens.

I also got a book from a colleague that is one of these chick lit books about this Irish woman trying to get pregnant. Of course, being me, I skipped to the back and saw that she never does get pregnant and it ends with them deciding to adopt. WTF? I have no problem with adopting, and in fact we plan to do it with our second, but throw a sista a bone. Let us have a happy ending, at least in the fantasty world of Euro Chick Lit.


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I'm gonna post anonymously first, but YES - break up with the RE. You are running against wanting to be preggers now, and if the RE is too laid back, that doesn't match your style. Just like any other person you hire it's not just about credentials but personality as well. WTF does AF stand for? You need an entry that is a dictionary of abbreviations.

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