Thursday, November 16, 2006

So far so good

Had a pretty good day all around.

Saw Dr S and he said that while things have calmed down (meaning I am no longer a chicken farm) he wants me to go on BCPs for two weeks to really take it down, and then start a greatly reduced protocol - 1 vial versus the 3 i had been taking. I start on November 30th. AND he said that if this IUI doesn't work, he wants to go to IVF. I am so glad! So now I can go to LA and not miss any time.

So then I headed to the acupuncurist's for my first appointment. Really mellow offices, with tea and massage music and Chinese art. Once I met Lara, who is my age and absolutely fantastic, we spent about 30 minutes going through my history. I started by saying "I am very healthy" but by the time I got through the PCOS, hyperinsulimia, scoliosis, planterfashitis (feet issues), hypothyroidism as a child, generalized anxiety disorder and my various stomach ailments, I stopped and said "Jesus I am a mess". And because estrogen is still coursing through my body, I started to tear up. She was very supportive and probably thought I was a nut job, but nevertheless was incredibly positive and said with my egg production level and treatment plan, I should have no problems conceiving. She even went so far as to say that I should really be careful or will end up with multiples.

Speaking of which, multiples. I would be fine with triplets, Jeff said twins. It seems to be jinxing it to talk of such things when really, one would be fine, but I wonder how i will feel if it does happen and I am faced with fetal reduction. File that one under "things to stress about late at night when J is grinding his teeth and Jezebel is peeing on the floor".

So, after I lay down she started sticking needles into my feet, legs, hands, arms, STOMACH and HEAD!!!! Yes Head. The foot one really hurt, as did the head one, but the pain abated in a few minutes. I fell immediately asleep and really relaxed. I was cold (of course) and so she wrapped me in a marathon-runner type of tinfoil blanket, which actually really worked. It was very nice. When it was all over she sold me some new PreNatal vitamins with more B (guess I am low) and told me not to drink or have sex. Uh, it was noon on a Thursday. Wasn't planning on it. I now have a small headache but feel good.

Off to LA to see the wee one and my sister. Can't wait!


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