Thursday, November 23, 2006

Decisions, decisions

After my trip to LA I came back and in the shower on the first day back at work TOTALLY threw my back out. Like cry and moan and gasp and have your husband carry you to the bed so that you can writhe in pain threw my back out. I am SURE this is stress-related, the infertility stuff is enough but then my dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer and my mom with colitis in one day, so family stuff on top of it sucks as well. Thank god my dad has a mild, mild case and my mom is feeling better, but regardless, it is a lot right now.

So J and I went to the back doctor, who prescribed MORE pills (I am so Valley of the Dolls lately) and then we went right over to Dr S as J had some questions he wanted answered. We talked to Dr S and at the end I realized that I do want to flip right to IVF. There are multiple reasons, being as follows:
1. It is 70% effective over 3 months, versus 30% effective over 4 months as IUI is.
2. We have no idea what my egg quality is, and IVF is the only way to find out
3. It is quicker. And we can stop all the goddamn shots and hormones and pain and bloating and angst much quicker
4. If it doesn't work, IUI wouldn't have worked either and we just found out earlier so we can move on earlier
5. The prep work is basically the same as IUI, it is just the follow up that is different.

So, J and I started talking about it over dinner last night but he hasn't read anything or made up his mind yet, so he got mad as I started my inimitable "selling" pitch. We fought. And then went to Casino Royale.

I won't write more about this until he has read everything and has had a chance to formulate an opinion, but if we don't do IVF, I will hold my breath until I turn blue.

Happy Thanksgiving. Usually I say I am thankful for my and my family's health, but this year I can't even say that. Bah Humbug.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So as the outsider - are there any negatives to switching? Your blog clearly outlines the positives but if there are negatives you have to weigh them against it, right? If it's just "let's try IUI for one more month" just to say you're trying it again, I'm with you on the switching. Go make that baby even if it's in a cute little dish, it's still your DNA :)

8:14 AM  
Blogger R said...

No negatives, just going for the most aggressive, invasive procedure. Also we only get 2 covered so if one doesn't work it is bad financially.

1:06 PM  

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