Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Call Michael Moore

Goddamnit. So i just found out that my wonderful insurance that covered EVERYTHING 100% is ending the end of this year and we are switching to some crap insurance that only covers 10K LIFETIME MAX. So that means as of 1.1.07 J and i are footing the bill for this cycle's IVF (though just the tail end, which is the retreival and implant and happens in Jan) and anything we want to do after that. I have pleaded with Aetna (no deal) and our head of benefits (who nicely said he would look into "continuing my care") but think we are SOL. Great. So now the question is, do we keep going after this time with a 10K procedure that may not work, or spend 30K on adoption ASAP? I think doing this month's IVF is a no brainer, and we will do it. I think after that, if it doesn't work, we can revisit. Like a hole in the head I need this.

On a nicer note, a fertility friend who has had a LONG process (much longer than mine) did IVF this month and just told me that she is pregnant!!! She sounded shocked and stunned and still not relieved, the fertility journey doesn't end at conception but rather holds on til the fourth month. She said once she is 12 weeks along she will breathe. I was so thrilled for her that I cried, which made her cry. Her partner was in the office and SHE cried. And is not even hormonal.

Of course my other friend L who just had her 9th IUI isnt' pregnant. I was in her office last night when we both found out about the insurance. She was understandably upset. We discussed IVF but of course that is not so easy.

Acupuncutre again on Thursday! My savior!


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