Friday, September 07, 2007

Work Work Work Hello Boys!

Not much going on here to share - just waiting. And working.

Worked my arse off this week - strategic planning for '08 and I sat in meetings from 8-6 every day. I ate enough goldfish and fruit salad to kill a normal human. If i have to look at another spreadsheet or pretend to give two shits about someone's growth plan for a certain account I will definitely barf up said goldfish and fruit salad. Worked late tonight and am finally done with the lack-of-work-life-balance week.

We are working with this adoption referral service called Bouncing.Babies and it is amazing! She calls us every few days with referrals - some of them are great and we ask her to present us, and others are a nightmare. Her first referral to us was triplets, if you remember. Her second was great and we asked her to refer us. Her third was a woman in a methadone clinic, which was not the issue, but the full open adoption complete with visits and requests for money was. Today was a 19 year old Native American woman in a drug treatment program who drank three times a week. No thanks.

So, things move forward. In strange ways.

I may not write in here as much until there is something I can talk about. The day to day details of my life are just not that interesting. Yet.

Off to bed. It is not even 10 pm.


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