Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where she's at....

A friend of mine recently posted on her blog what her son was doing and it occured to me that anyone still reading probably wants to know the same about our kid.

Our kid rocks. That is where she is at.

She is sitting up almost on her own. She loves to eat everything, even her nasty rice cereal. Well, except fruits. She likes bananas ok and applesauce is cool but peaches and pears suck. She makes this face that kills me like we have fed her dirt. She is starting to prop herself up on one arm, a precursor to crawling I am told. In terms of What to Expect, we are right on target.

She is also the 95th percentile in height, 75th in weight and 50th in head size. Small head, long legs. She LOVES standing up and can sort of "walk" if we hold her hands. She won't lie if she can sit, and won't sit if she can stand. She has almost pushed herself out of her bumpo, which makes me nervous.

Most importantly, she knows who I am! She smiles at everyone but I get a special one. She cries if I leave the room, and watches whatever door or staircase I dissapeared through or up. When I reappear she beams. While in her exersaucer she looks over at me every few minutes as if to say "are you watching Mommy? watching me? Are you still there?" and I clap and say I AM WATCHING YOU! YAY!!!

The drool is out of control. She has two bottom front teeth that are in but more are coming, I bet. She chews on EVERYTHING and if there is a huge, elaborate toy or station she will spend the entire time licking the tag.

She sleeps on her side all the time. She rolls like crazy and then when she finds herself on her stomach cries and whines. She loves her "blankie" which is a pink thing (damn) that we immediately take from her once she is asleep.

She screeches like a dinosaur. I think it is pre-talking but dammmmmn is it loud. This morning she got up at 5 am and I cuddled with her in bed til 6 so I could sleep but she was grabbing my nose hard and screeching and I finally gave up and tickled her til she cackled.

If she can get carried around she loves it. She doesn't like being alone and loves watching people's faces. Her cry is infrequent and tearless, as I don't think she really is upset. When someone sneezes or slams a door she starts and frowns and cries tears hard for about 2 minutes.

I think that's it. She is the love of our lives and is endlessly fun. I love coming home to her and having her reach for me.

This blog is the least snarky, cynical or evil I have ever written. Maybe I am happy?

A pic for you all!


Blogger ldahospud said...

Awwwww, thanks so much for the update! And she is just so precious with her chubby cheekies and that pretty little mouth and dark hair--I bet you could just stare at her all day. You probably have! Great picture.

And I love how happy you sound. It just makes me grin.

9:30 PM  

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