Monday, January 21, 2008


I just had my 39th birthday and it was the best one ever. Having both J and C in my life has made me feel 100% complete. Cheesy, but hey.

I also just had the entire fam here for a fantastic visit! Grandpa W and Aunt B met C for the first time and of course ate her up.

We had her naming ceremony, with about 60 folks, and it was a great day. We had so many happy moments and great pictures and the ceremony, which my sister ran, was just what we wanted.

My cup runneth over.


Blogger ldahospud said...

Happy Birthday! You deserve every happiness, R, truly.

3:21 PM  
Blogger tommysmommy said...

Glorious, happy, awesome...whew! You've come a long way, baby. SO happy for you. Welcome to 39 - a very, very happy year!

4:29 PM  

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