Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Tired Out

Once again I am blogging the night before a trip - this time to the west coast for a few days in Oregon and then my 20th high school reunion in SmallTown Idaho where I was raised. I am really looking forward to both parts of my trip, and taking J home with me. He has been, of course, but it is always 40 degrees and raining when we go and now he gets to see both places in full sunny hot thank you gw bush for your shitty climate control weather.

A quick vent - Nicole Richie. Pregnant. That skinny drug addled bitch? And I'm not. Pregnant, that is.

Done now.

So SWR (social worker R) is coming over July 28!!!! This first visit will probably be her tour through our home and feedback on anything we have to change. We will also "get to know each other" which hopefully won't be so hard as I build relationships for a living, and she seems cool. 12, but cool.

Most of our stuff is together - we are waiting on my insurance card for the initial Adoption Planning Questionnaire, and for the home study packet we are missing that as well. Next up the Saturday after she comes is our fingerprinting, and then the final home study (there are two total). After that, we send in our Adoption Profile (sort of like match.com for unwed mothers) which is almost done. I spent a few long nights writing our answers to the 100 intrusive questions and J edited and added his special sauce. We are ahead of the game with that and will have it turned around quickly once we get the rest out of the way.

Once the profile is in, we wait. And wait. And I can only hope that the quickness with which the rest of it has happened will continue.

Gotta go pack. Must look my best for the reunion, if no other reason than to draw people's eyes away from the fact that I am sure I am the only person there without kids. Yet.


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