Saturday, July 07, 2007

No title again today. F'ing blogger.

So this morning I mention to J that we really need to get in gear and clean our house up so that our future social worker won't declare our house unfit for parenting and leave us with no choice but to move and start all over.

We are not Miss Havisham, with papers and mice and dust, but we are a bit lax in the cleaning and clutter department. We have a cleaning man whom we love but he comes once a month and we don't, er, do anything in between. Anyway, J says "we are MONTHS from a home study, no rush" in his typical "R is a freak let me play Playstation" way.

Then, 5 minutes later, he leaves to do some errand and I check the messages.

We have a call from a young, perky social worker named R (she has the same name as one of our dear friends so that is good sign, right? right? c'mon help a sista out) who says "Hi! I am your social worker - your adoption agency called and I wanted to set up your first home visit!

Holy. Shit.

I immediately start rearranging our bookshelf (?) which is chock-a-block with Stephen King, Tom Clancy and other top notch literary genuises. I put our adoption and infertility books front and center, sort of a "look, we are educated, we would be great parents cause we can read about parenting". And after I get all that done I think, what am I doing? Like she will say "these guys can't be parents because all the spines aren't facing the same way."

I calm down a bit and remember to call J, who is in line to get our truck inspected, and tell him that a. he was wrong and b. holy shit get home so we can immediately take apart Casa G, install baby gates, paint the nursery and start vacuuming under the bed.

Instead he comes home and calls Social Worker R back and leaves a message with his best "i would be a great dad" voice.

She hasn't called back yet.

I wanted to call 100 more times but J thinks stalking our social worker is not a good way to start off.

Instead we went hiking today and talked about our thoughts around spanking, day care and college for our child. We talked about our marriage and our lives and what was coming next.

And all I could do was picture us, next summer, on this same hike, with J and our future baby in a baby bjorn.

I can't wait.

Bring it on, Social Worker R. I will wow you with our book spines.


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