Thursday, June 07, 2007

Checking in

Today is my last day of work so this will be short - I am running around packing and saying goodbye. Not sure how I feel, a combo of sadness and relief. This place is whack.

I leave on Saturday to see my niece in LA and I am so excited. She is learning to sing now, and sings the "falling down, falling down" part of London Bridges over and over again. She also calls every older woman "gamma" thinking it is my mom. I love her so.

J and I just sent in our adoption application with the first of many checks. We basically just sent in our intention to adopt and now get the homestudy application which will take a few months to put together. We saw a sample one last night and almost threw up - it is so much info. It is dreadfully unfair (I promise not to say this often) that adoptive parents must list every illness, every problem, have a physical, get background checks and fingerprinted, and get references from a million people, and biological parents just have to have sex. Sigh. Anyway we are excited to get started. And some of you will be getting phone calls from us to provide references about the fact that we are crime-free,

Very close family friends sent us a book on adoption written by someone from my small, small hometown who is an adoption expert and is cited in many of my books. The best part is their two beautiful kids (one biological and one adopted from Korea) are on the front! I can't wait to read the book, and we so, so appreciated the gift. These two will be guiding us through this process as they went through it over 20 years ago. I feel like we have so many guardian angels through this, just yesterday I spoke with a co-worker in LA who mentioned to me that her sister's three kids are adopted, and she has hooked me up with her sister to be able to talk and share stories. My bff from grad school also offered up a few people to talk to. Our cup runneth over!!!

J and I are looking forward to focusing more on our relationship through this - infertility has many hidden costs and one of them is that sometimes the relationship between married people can suffer when both parties turn inward. We are connecting very well now and communicating fantastically about everything, and I am so, so thankful that he is so embracing of adoption and so excited. He will be a wonderful dad.

We do see the RE today to get the results of my RPL panel. Part of me doesn't give a crap anymore, if I never cycle again I will be fine. Not to say we won't, but right now adoption is #1 on our list.

I will blog from LA I am sure!


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