Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Blog That Time Forgot

I am so sorry. I have been really busy with the following: vacationing, starting my new job, flying to Vegas for a lameass conference, getting the flu, getting a cold, and getting a stye in my eye. That last thing isn't really that time consuming, truth be told, but I wanted to mention it. Anyway, it has been wayyyy too long since I wrote in here and I miss it!

Things are chugging along. Work wise I started my new job and I really like it. I have an ASSISTANT (for the first time in my life) who manages my calendar (which is weird as she wrote me the other day, "You are going to Xanadu???" totally apropos of nothing) and answers my phone. She even offered to get me coffee but I informed nicely that her my arms and legs were not painted on. She is lovely and I feel totally undeserving and like a giant imposter, like in some meeting where big wigs are talking they are going to suddenly all turn to me and say "Holy shit, we made a mistake, you are like 10 and used to wear Shaun Cassidy pants and cannot possibly be our senior HR person!". All told though i do not miss my old job and think I made the right choice.

Fertility wise we saw the hemotologist who got no points for bedside manner (she was so shy I thought we could make her cry in about 10 minutes) but who did test me for some other crap that will determine if i need to medicate for clots when I get surgery or fly or some shit. Does this end? Everytime she said 'MTHFR' gene J and I sniggered. Heh heh. Mother fucker gene. Heh heh. As one of my hometown friends wrote, "what's next, the WTF gene?". So I call Dr ScaredyPants in 10 days to find out about these other levels. She did say that if we cycle again it is Lepronex for me right after retreival and up until potentially 6 weeks AFTER the kid is born. Shots. Every night. Forever. Or it will seem so.

We talked last night (me and J, not me and Dr SP) and think that we may be the perfect example of hope over experience and cycle again in Nov or Dec. Three was J's magic number and we feel like maybe one more time might truly allow us to breath and believe we gave it that old college try. I am starting to warm to the idea, if for no other reason than with this MF gene knowledge maybe we can stop the madness? Or not. And not to say that the miscarriages are getting easier, but, well, the last one was because it was so early. Its like I have been through hell so in going back we at least know what to expect if we get there.

In adoption news we are chugging along, the home study paperwork is done and sent in, and the Planning Questionairre with the Dark Nights of the Soul questions about what race of child we would take and the medical issues we would accept is almost ready to go too. We needed to get some insurance info about my new coverage which we got. Today we are speaking to a friend's partner, who is a Pediatrician, to get the medical info and then we are golden. Once those go off we will get the home study packet which probably has 32857932875837 additional forms we need to get. We are scheduled to do the fingerprinting at the end of July, and will need to start on the adoption profile (sort of our match.com profile for birthmothers) soon. Once all that is done, we are live!!!

Last night J and I stayed up and made a list of baby names we like. So fun. We laughed a lot but also found a nice list of girls and boys names that we agreed on and so now we will just wait and see what our kid looks like to make a decision. We are starting to get excited and also realizing this is real. Guys, we may actually be parents sometime in the next 12 months!


Anonymous ldahospud said...

Best of luck to you, R! Here's hoping you get you some nummy baby cheekies to nuzzle this year!

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