Friday, June 08, 2007

Ah ha!!!

Had my RPL with Dr S yesterday and sort of to my positive surprise there was something wrong!

I am positive for the MTHFR mutation. (Is it just me or does MTHFR look like a shortened word for MotherFucker? Shall we call it that?). What this means is that I have a blood clotting disorder that puts me at a higher risk factor for heart disease and blood clots (to what extent I have no idea but I am starting to take baby aspirin every day just in case). The MF mutation has also been tied to early pregnancy loss - my blood is too thick and it is possible that the fetus doesn't get enough to survive.

He was very clear that while this issue CAN cause m/c, it may not be the full reason for my two...though he wants me to go to a hematologist to get a sense of what the protocol would be if we did decide to cycle again. This is a treatable issue - it would require that I start on a blood thinner like Heparin right after retrieval to start thinning my blood so that the transfer would be supported. Heparin is a subcutaneous shot, in my gut, and it easy. Thank god.

Here is some more info from some webpage by Dr Steph.an Mo.ll:
MTHFR stands for Methylene-Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase. MTHFR is an enzyme, which we all have in the cells of our body. It is needed to metabolize and get rid of homocysteine. High homocysteine levels are a risk factor for blood clots in the veins (DVT, PE) or arteries (heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis). Some people have a variant of this enzyme, which is called "thermolabile MTHFR" or C677T MTHFR. (My note: I have this particular mutation) It is due to a single mutation of the MTHFR gene. This variant does not metabolize homocysteine as well as the normal MTHFR enzyme, and blood homocysteine levels in individuals with this variant enzyme may, therefore, be slightly higher than in individuals with the normal enzyme.The MTHFR mutation is extremely common:
44 of the population have the normal enzyme
44 % are heterozygous for the mutation (i.e. have 1 variant gene). These individuals have some normal enzyme and some of the thermolabile variant of the enzyme.
12 % are homozygous for the mutation (i.e. have 2 variant genes). All of these individuals' enzyme is the thermolabile variant.

So I am special. Only 12% of the population have it. Wow I feel so lucky.

Seriously tho, I am so glad something turned up - at least we know what we are dealing with. And I feel 4% more positive that if we cycled again we may have success. Man, tho, can you say SHOTS??? I would be taking multiple a day. Is that really worth it?

I also spoke with the Adoption agency yesterday, they got our stuff. Because we are in NJ and they are certified to do home studies in NJ they said it would go quickly.



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