Monday, July 23, 2007

Home study cleanup begins

First day back at work since vacation and holy crap it was nuts. I had one of those days where just keeping it together is success. I am not used to the pace at this place and managing the day to day and strategic at the same time - it takes a lot for me to say I am overwhelmed, but, there you go.

After the gym tonight (Idaho has fattening food) I came home and we started House Cleanup 2007 as the home study worker, R2, is coming Friday night now! She called and said something came up and did I mind moving our date? Uh no. Actually I did mind as we had plans with some of our favorite friends but I am sure as shit not going to tell her that. "Yes, Um, R2? We planned to drink wine and eat late so I am sorry that night isn't going to work for us. And yes, we plan to spank our child".

So tonight it was cleaning my office, otherwise known as the Room Where Paper Goes to Die. I had shit everywhere, including under the bed. I cleared it all out and put it away and sort of organized it. I then cloroxed every surface so that it smells nice and looks shiny as that is the future nursery and I know she will be going in there.

In other news we got my insurance card so are officially done with our adoption planning questionaire. We also received most of our reference letters from our dear friends. We have our fingerprinting this weekend. All that's left is the remainder of the letters and our profile pictures, which we have but need to organize. I think we will make our Sept completion deadline with, oh, a month to spare.

In not so great news the current edition of the adoption newsletter we get from our agency said that adoptive families are at an all time high, which is good in that it draws birthmothers but bad in that we have a lot of competition. I am hoping our favorite quotes from Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers will help us stand out. I mean I think we are interesting and unusual and will raise some funky cool kids but that may not come out in the 10 page profile. Once it is live I will let you know so you can judge for yourself.

I am breaking out like a 15 year old. That is because I actually ovulated again this month, which is an all time record for me - two months in a row! I guess the metformin is doing something besides making me sick.

Breakouts are fitting as my high school reunion was this weekend. J and I told a few folks about our adoption and low and behold two good friends of ours are also adopting and another good friend and his wife had fertility issues and are considering living child free. Just goes to show you, we are out there. Like the X files. The XY files?


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