Thursday, December 07, 2006

Game on!

Went to the Drs today. First, there were two very orthodox Jews there, and J, who was eating a bacon sandwich, dropped his trafe pork all over the room. That was worth a laugh. And some embarassment.

Anyway, he said I look good to go and that after another few days on the birth control, I can start Lupron shots. My acupuncturist today said that can cause hot flashes, moodiness and headache, and that basically I am sending my body into menopause for 2 weeks to get ready to have a controlled hyperstimulation. As opposed to last month, when I had an uncontrolled and accidental overstim. Anyway, then after 2 weeks I start the Follistim Pen, and retrieval will probably take place first of Jan, and implant back sometime early-mid Jan. In a month, I will be in the 2WW and hoping!

All I care about now is not losing it. I am just getting over the fatigue and moodiness of the last time, so to go back to that bad place sounds like hell. I am still so tired I can't even walk fast, like a New Yorker should. A tourist group from Iowa passed me on the street today.

You would not believe my house. It looks like either an MD or a drug addict lives there. We have three sharpies trashes, needles galore and drugs out the ass. Or in the ass, as is the case with Progesterone shots.

My bed rest is long this time. 2-4 days. I may ask some friends to come over and entertain me.

Let's hope this works!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm there. I'll come during the day since others can probably come after work, but I'm gone Jan 12-15 and Jan 18-23, so make that magic baby around my dates, ok? :)

5:26 PM  

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