Monday, February 05, 2007

Goddamn insurance company

I spent this morning fuming on the phone with Aetna, trying to get them to send me my progesterone so that I can continue to keep this baby. They absolutely suck. This is the 4th call to them, and they basically admitted they never filled the order.

I won't get into it as my blood starts to boil and I don't want to hurt myself. I basically said I would sue them if anything happened as it is their fault that I have run out of progesterone. I am doubling my suppositories under Dr S's orders and hoping to hell that J can convice the Dr to give me something to tide me over.

I hate them.

In other news, I am REALLY irritable today. Oh wait, maybe that is the same news.

J and I have named our fetus Stewie. Multiple reasons:

1. It is stewing in my uterus, hopefully growing and healthy.
2. We both love Family Guy and the baby who talks in a british accent is Stewie.
3. It is a play on the name of our favorite satirical newsperson, Jon Stewart.
4. It is the most jewish name ever, one that we would never saddle an actual person with. No offense to anyone named Stewie, but really, you should have an honest conversation with your mother about that.

This decision came after a semi fight at our favorite fighting place, the Coach House Diner. J wanted to name it Kim Jon Il and then Robert Novack. I said I didn't want to name OUR baby after someone I hated. Then he petulantly said "fine, call it whatver you want" so I threw out some names and he said "i won't call it that but whatever". We then put on our big boy and girl undies and had a better, more grown up discussion.

My two friends who are preggers are really so wonderful to have. We talk a lot about pooping and eating and sleeping. It is like we are all newborns in training.

Off to call Aetna AGAIN. This time I may swear. Who am I kidding? I have already sworn at them. And yelled. And threatened lawsuit. I love being hormonal!


Anonymous Mrs. Jones said...


Just heard from Mom that everything worked out with the insurance company. Good--it would not have been worth it to them to fail. Trust me. I would have put out a hit.

I can't believe you think Angelina Jolie is nice. Team Aniston!!

1:55 AM  

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