Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We could be heroes...prepare for sappy blog. Its the hormones, I promise.

I was thinking a lot about heroes lately as the news has been full of that amazing man who jumped in front of a moving train to save a guy who fell to the subway tracks. People have been so nice saying that they are impressed with my tenacity and positiveness, and while I so appreciate it, I feel unworthy; there are so many others who are faced with so much more, and for longer, and still come back every day. It is amazing, the drive to have a child.

Of course not every hero gets a parade, free tickets to Cats and a mayoral salute. So I wanted to take a blog entry during this 2WW (two week wait - the period between conception and a + pregnancy test) to salute some of the people I know whom I think are exhibiting heroic qualities.

It is better to focus on some positive stuff than completely obsess about every damn uterine twinge, right?

-Our friend S who is trying to adopt a Chinese baby and feeling the wrath and wait of the new laws

- W, who is suffering some kidney problems and the potential loss of her gestational carrier. But keeps on.

- S: You made it through over a year of trying and one IVF round already- now you are coming back for more with a great attitude. Thanks for all your kind words and support. You are like my IVF guru. This is your cycle!

L - You went through failed IUIs and are overcoming your fear of needles to try IVF. I promise the trigger shot and PIO are nothing! You are awesome!

S - You are now pregnant with twins. You make me realize it could work!!!

J - my hero. He sits with me when I am sick, feeds me when I am hungry and deals with me when I am bitchy. I love you honey! There is NO WAY I could do this without you.

Rolling cheeseballs, coming through my blog, as my dear friend Chrissy would say. Sorry.

Tomorrow's topic: cramping. Bad or good? Discuss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saved a guy on a train once and no one gave a shit. Fuck that guy.

10:22 PM  
Blogger R said...

OMG my husband may be my hero but he is one CLASSY GUY

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Jones said...

Dude, pottymouths!! We are all thinking loving, procreative thoughts. We're all your safety net if you need us.
R--stop writing your blog at 4 am and go to bed dammit!

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Jones again said...

PS--cramping is neither good not bad according to the authorities. Could be either. Isn't the ambiguity so frustrating?

1:11 AM  
Anonymous tritonofthesea said...

Hey, I know Mrs. Jones. And Howard Johnson is right: don't write your blog so late. Sleep is best for you. And we send all our love to you and J and to B,D, and E.

2:24 AM  

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