Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's tired out

My friend Rob used to say that. And its true.

No news, thank god. Just feeling a bit sick today and really tired tonight. Could be babies or could just be cold out and long week at work.

Monday I am 6 weeks. I get my ultrasound to make sure there are babies in there, and see how many. WAYYYY off on the hearbeat, that is in like 3 weeks. Dammit.

I really want to forget I am pregnant til like April. Or March, at least, when I see my parents. Just forget, let these weeks past uneventfully, and then all of sudden be more comfortable with this whole thing. Let's all forget, k?

I probably wont post on here much, just updates from Dr S. I just feel so tenuous and so raw. I know the babies are in there, I feel them and talk to them, I just need to keep my mind occupied on things like the Oscars and my job and how many breakfasts I can eat.

See you all in 6 weeks. Until then lets all pretend this is a blog about politics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was pretty funny to see that expression coming back here! Get some sleep. Watch Blazing Saddles. Wear black and blue so you look like a bruise! ;) USED to?

10:06 AM  

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