Saturday, May 05, 2007

Countdown to pregnancy symptoms - T minus 3 days

Today's symptoms:
Even less than yesterday.

J left for a MONTH this morning. Augh. I hate it when he is gone - it feels like a hole in my life. The house is really empty without him in it. I wish I had a pied a terre in the city for when he is gone so I can really entertain myself.

I lifted way more than 10 pounds today, had regular coffee, and plan to snort some glue later today. The first are actually true, the third is something I read about. I have a headache too, probably a PMS migraine coming on. Let this wait be over so we can all move on!

I am signing up today to spend 2 days next weekend at a meditation retreat. After breaking into tears both on the way to (thank god no one in NYC pays attention to anyone else) and at my acupuncturist because of fertility woes, j leaving, job agite, etc it has come to my attention that I am losing it. And quickly. This retreat is an hour north of the city and you do yoga and meditate and eat good healthy food for two days.

And, and this is not an accident, you forget that it is Mother's Day on Sunday and that I was supposed to be about 4 months from being a mother at this time.


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