Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Reasons I am pregnant, and reasons I am not

Reasons I am pregnant:
1. I get up multiple times a night to pee now. At least once and sometimes two or three times
2. I have weird cramping feelings, ahem, "down there"
3. I am always starving
4. I am exhausted

Reasons I am not:
1. I can't remember how long that has been going on, but while it is new, it may not be new enough. And could be leftover from the HCG shot that has pregnancy hormone in it.
2. Look up "psychosomatic" on dictionary.com
3. I am always starving. Tho this is new - being this hungry all the time
4. I have been such a ball of stress I was not sleeping very well

and the number one reason I am not pregnant:

5. ONE EGG??????????

Hope springs eternal, though, right?


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