Saturday, April 28, 2007

Crisis averted

Had a long talk with my SIL today at her daughter's birthday party - both of us going through the same career crisis. We decided, mutually, to stay in our jobs. Phew. I will meet with Amex Monday and then pull out of the process ( it is too late to pull out of Monday's meetings). Major leap here, but it feels right. We laughed because we are going through the exact same thing, at the exact same time. This is why I have verbal diahhrea about my life - sometimes you find others are going through your same struggle and can help you with it. And you, them.

Having some cramping and soreness, totally normal but I am reading into everything. Must. Stop. 15% success rate with one embryo. Must hold on to that. But hope floats, right? What a crappy movie.

Having sushi tonight and wine tomorrow. Live like you mean it, right? Perhaps next will be soft cheese and deli meat, just to really convince myself that this didn't work.

It is so funny, I thought being around kids all day and seeing another friend and her kid tomorrow would bug me, but I am enjoying it. I have been daydreaming about the day when J and I can drive along in our gas guzzling SUV and I can look back and smile at our baby n his/her carseat- whether he or she looks like us or not. Being around kids right now feels hopeful. I feel hopeful. I still want to go to India, but I think I will settle for reading the NY Times on my bed in the sunlight.


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