Friday, July 27, 2007

Home visit

Wow. I am really drained. It just hit me that I spent every waking minute this week with lots of people and frantic.

Home visit went great - R2 is really nice and stayed for about 2 hours - she asked us basically the same questions we answered on our application but I think she wrote more her opinions of our answers and paid less attention to the answers themselves. I am a crack interviewer after the last job hunt and based on her body language and her manner I think we did great.

She laughed when she saw our references as our friend R and she share a name, she mentioned that they even spell it the same and I told her we took that as a good omen.

After the questions she took a tour of the house with us and talked a lot about how beautiful it was. She gave us some suggestions around babyproofing and asked for a few things (life insurance form from my work and Jez's shot record) that we need to get for her, but overall said we are "in great shape" and " have a really good mindset" about adoption.

She is quite young but also seems very on top of it, we like her and think we would be friends with her. We at least look forward to our next home visit, which is August 25th. This time she stays for 3-4 hours, interviews us separately and together, asks a ton of questions and basically gets real nosy. We should have everything she needs at that point.

The only sort of annoying news was that our background check takes awhile and doesn't even start until our fingerprints are done, which is tomorrow. It can take weeks. That may put us back, but not by much.

Our plan is to have our profile 100% ready so that when she says "ok, you are approved" we can hit send and go live ASAP. She warned us around wait times and I am starting to think we may have quite a wait. More families are considering adoption right now than is usual. I have always been trendy, right?

J and I went to dinner after and picked at each other all dinner, probably from exhaustion. We are both firing on more cylinders than we ever have before (good practice for parenthood) and our slip is starting to show.

Thank you to everyone who emailed and checked in today, I will think of more details i am sure but right now I have a date with Harry Potter and my big fluffy bed. Hey, that should be the next book.

To everyone I said I might call, I'm not. You don't want to talk to me now. I am incoherent.

Next up - document compilation and home study #2!


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