Friday, July 27, 2007

So much to talk about

The home study is tonight and the cards, well wishes and flowers (well, well wishes at least) are flowing in. The amount of support is lovely.

I am excited but also looking forward to this whole process being over, and having our baby home.

To that end, I have to admit that the first thing I did when I got the new HarryPotter was to read the last chapter. Yes. I am that person. I wanted to know what happened at the end so that I could enjoy the journey. J feels opposite - he believes knowing the end spoils the journey. How are we married? Anyway I am not proud but I don't lick it off the ground - my sister and my father did the same thing and we didn't even check with each other.

I want to know the end of my adoption journey. Why doesn't this come in book form?

I spoke with Dr NoBedSideManner, She-Who-Cannot-Communicate (sorry, I have Harry on the brain) and I do NOT have abnormal homocysteine levels. So no pills or precautions needed! I am really glad - and now can forget about it.

Will write an update tonight on The Visit. Expect to be let down - I think it is only an hour. The next one is the really big one with psychological questions and separate rooms for me and J and such.


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