Monday, July 30, 2007

Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork

Guess what we have been doing?

WRONG! We have been fighting.

See, J and I usually get along fantastically.We are not the Bickersons and seem to actually be on the same wavelength most times. However, something about adoption paperwork makes us communicate like crap.

Anyway, so after R2s visit we realized we had many more things to do than we thought. Cat immunizations, supplemental life insurance forms, etc. So we begin to pull it together. Saturday morning we get up at the crack of my ass (sorry some sorority sister taught me that saying) to go to the fingerprinting place, where J has made an appointment and been responsible for all the documents. J casually mentions that he can't find this one piece of paper and oh well, it's fine, as he filled it all out on line and he is sure they have it. I get a bit nervous as we made this appointment literally weeks in advance.

So we get to this lovely, cozy fingerprinting place (picture a fax machine, ugly carpet, signs stating all kinds of scary things and a radio BLASTING Beyonce) and realize that yes, we need that form. Goddamit. I cannot take work off right now as they are totally getting that pound of flesh from me each day - meetings from 8 am til 6 am is the norm. J feels bad and I am really pissed but trying to be nice. I sort of succeeded. But mostly didn't. I am not nice, right?

We then go to the DMV to renew our registration and get new, NJ licenses (I will NEVER give up my NY one!! NEVER!!! BWAAHAAAHHAA!). Once there, as the atmosphere is tense, we go to separate lines, one the DL line and one for the registration.

I have no idea what the deal is and what I am suppoesd to do but J says call me if you get to the counter and I will come over. I get to the counter, call him, and he doesn't answer. I stammer "uh, I am not sure what i need" and tell the person behind me to go. I call J again. Turns out he is in the bathroom. That seemed egregious to me.

We finally get to the front and the woman says we need to get our DL before we can register. Except we never checked to see what type of ID we need, and once again, we have to leave empty handed.

I am furious at this point. J is also mad, at himself, but also at me because as you know, I do not suffer in silence.

Let's just say the 3 hour drive to the Hamptons was alternately chilly, then explosive.

Fast forward to Sunday night when we calmed down until we found a packet of paper I thought J had mailed. I exploded again and he did right back, saying he is not the boss of adoption paperwork and why didn't I send it in?


Lastly, today we had a miscommunication about going to the bank to get something notarized. He showed up at 12. I had a meeting til 12, which I thought i told him, and so showed up much later. He was literally holding the notary hostage so she wouldn't go to lunch. He was pissed at me. And I at him.

But then we had lunch and laughed and decided that from now on, we will only communicate about adoption via notes, and with our lawyers present.


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