Thursday, December 14, 2006

And they're off!

Started Lupron two nights ago. No problems at all, but the first night I had to shoot up in J's office (we went to Spamalot) and somehow I hit a cappellary (how the hell do you spell that?) and blood went everywhere, and now I have a really nice bruise. It didn't really hurt, but was NASTY. Last night's shot was much more uneventful.

Insurance update: my fantastic company has agreed to carry this entire IVF cycle even though half of it takes place in January. I guess it is some grandfathering rule or something. So the 10K lifetime max won't be hit until our second cycle, if we do one.

So far, I am all over doing another one. This isn't hard. Wait till I am full o'eggs and bloated and tired and moody. Then I will probably rethink.

A friend here is pregnant with IVF, probably twins (her HCG level is crazy high). I made her tell me the ENTIRE story. from the implantation to the phone call from the nurse with her good news. It was so nice to hear. In other news, a good friend lost her baby (at like 3 weeks) the other day. I was so sad for her. I feel like this process just starts with what I am doing. Once I get past the fertilization, there is implantation to worry about. Then keeping the pregnancy. Then the birth. And then the worrying really starts, as my kid is out and about and things could happen. How do we, as a race, go on?????


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