Monday, December 18, 2006

Heard from the nurse

I go in on Thursday so Dr S is there (and not his mean partner) and C (the nurse we love) thinks I will start Follistim on Sunday night. That means a week of stim and potential trigger and retreival the week after. I will be totally done and in the 2WW by my birthday! I am so glad, it will be nice to have this cycle in the can and know that we did everything possible.

I just put together our wedding album. Yes, I have been married 1 1/2 years. I am so lazy. But it was so nice to sit in our clean family room, watching Standoff and Scrubs and House and all the other shit we have TIVO'd, eating dinner with J and working on a long overdue project. Our hannukah gifts are wrapped, if not shipped, and we are semi organized. It feels really good.

I got a fantastic email from a good friend from college today who lives here. She sent me an incredibly nice, thoughtful email with two websites she thought I might enjoy. One was on TTCers with blood sugar issues, and another was an IVF support group. She also wanted to get together. Now THAT is what those of us with IF need. She recognizes my personal need for information and provided me with some great resources. She also expressed a desire to see me, even though I am moody and irritable and told someone to "MOVE" the other day on the street in front of Toys R Us in Times Square. (side note: when the woman told me to FUCK OFF loudly I almost apologized to her for thinking she was from out of town).

There is a list on the Nest I read the other day with all the stupid shit people shouldn't say to women who have IF. I laugh when I read these, as they are just amazing. My personal favorite is "Just relax. It will happen when it is supposed to". Now I know people are trying to help, and I do not want to make anyone feel bad, but if anyone said that to me their sentence would be cut short by my foot up their helpful ass. THank god no one has ever said that to me.

I have to say, I am extremely extremely lucky. My friends and family have been amazing. Said the perfect things, showed they cared, and been just in general absolutely fantastic. I hope if it ever goes the other way I am as good to you. Others I know have not been so lucky, and I have offered to let them borrow the folks in my life. But I want you all back. You are good.


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