Friday, December 15, 2006

Update - one more funny story

So last night was J's office holiday party, at a nice restaurant in the city. I realized at 10:40 that it was, in fact, 10:40, and had to haul ass back up to his office alone where my Lupron shot was waiting (between 10:30 - 11:30 is my window). So I run back up, hit every red light, and make it at like 11:26. I rush in, barely close J's main office door, then quickly wash up and go into his office with my stuff. I fill the syringe, wipe off the bottle, unbuckle my pants, unzip them halfway, and start shooting up into the left side of my stomach. As I am doing this, the office front door opens and in comes the GODDAMN CLEANING LADY. And here I am, half naked, with a needle in my stomach. I am sure she is thinking "nice office. nice meth fiend". I stuttered out "fertility meds". At which point she says "Que?" and I realize that she speaks NO english. So she for sure thinks I am a druggie. Damn it.

J arrived from with party a few minutes later and I was so pissed off, why cant I get two fucking seconds to shoot up in private? But after she left and I cleaned up I started to laugh. What are the chances? and I assured J that when the ATF agents show up, I will have discarded all the syringes somewhere else.