Monday, December 18, 2006

Never thought I would be glad...

That my AF started today! It started pretty strong but no headache and no cramps. I am considering taking Lupron full time, I have not felt this good in MONTHS. I am sleeping well, relaxed, and have no physical symptoms except some pretty bad bloating.

AND i am excited for next steps, this means I may be able to start the stim shots this week, and the retreival and implant could be as early as next week. Crazy! I hope that is the case, the sooner the better.

I did take a shot on Sat that absolutely f-ing killed. I think I accidentally hit the same spot as I tried on Friday. Oops. But last night was fine.

I have NO IDEA how to use the Follistim Pen, which is the stim shot I take. I am hoping it is easy to use.

one more thing: for folks who read and couldn't post comments, I just changed it so ANYONE can post comment (you don't have to have a blog now to do so). So if you want to comment, feel free! Would love to hear from you.


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