Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just a little reminder that estrogen is in da house....

So I got my hair cut tonight, quite a bit off actually. My roots were showing and my style had denigrated into anything but, so I got a sassy shorter do which is sort of a layered cut that just "touches my shoulders" as the nice lady said. During the cut I realized that i had almost an entire normal person's headful of these short, weird, REALLY curly pieces of hair, along with a few chunks of much-shorter hair, all over the front part of my head. I said, out loud (cause I have no inner monologue, as all my friends are wont to point out), "Wow. Those hormones must really be fucking with my hair" and the woman of course then asked if I was pregnant, and as most folks do, I told the nice hair stylist everything. Well, the 2 minute version. Of course, when I start by saying we had been trying, she said "well, just relax and it will h...oof!" (sound of my foot going up her ass).

Actually, though, I let her finish her stupid fucking asinine overused underappreciated unhelpful and rage-inducing platitude, and said well, actually, I have PCOS. She then proceeds to tell me that Melissa Etheridge's wife, Tammy someone, had that "same thing and she had IVF and then had twins". So that was interesting. Really. I did some research when I got home and also realized that two of the Dixie Chicks had IF and IVF. Well, then. I am in good, semi-country, left-wing, infertile company! AND, Julia Roberts was on Oprah today (looking weirdly perky and young, had some work done, eh, Julia?) talking about her TWINS. That she had when she was almost 40. Oh, but twins run in her family. So no ART (assisted reproductive technology, for the non-IF friends and family) here, thank you very much. So after some digging on that, I found a bunch of IF blogs flaming her for not being "out" about her fertility treatments.

On the one hand, I understand. We hot, $20M a movie, infertile ladies need to stick together. On the other hand, none of our damn business. And if she wants to lie, oh well. Too bad she can't use her superpowers for good to share her story with the world, but again, why do I get to dictate what causes celebs take up? And maybe she DID have them naturally. Nah. Bitch.

So my hair. My weird, other-head-coming-out-like-in-Hitchhikers-Guide-to-the-Galaxy hair. The nice lame lady fixed me up all purty and sent me on my way, but the way she dried my hair looks great unless you look closely, and it looks like I rubbed a balloon. All the shorter hairs are sticking straight up. Oh well.

The infamous Lupron mild headache started last night and has not let up. It is vaguely annoying, but nothing compared to the head in a vise that was my monthly AF migraine. i laugh in your face Lupron.

I am in a good mood tonight. A mood which is fragile and could be crushed by the boot of Dr S tomorrow for my "stim or no stim" (side note: I don't understand that show at all. Why are all these shows using math??? what happened to SAT Verball-y shows where I could actually participate?) appointment. My new rule is expect nothing, and be pleasantly surprised. Yeah. Until the hormones really kick in, then my new, new rule is "everyone bow down before me or else suffer my wrath and watch me dissolve into a bucket of tears".

Good night.


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