Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Slight discomfort my ass....literally


So we get up at 5 am to go into the RE's office. They put me in scrubs with booties and nasty hair net, the the anastheciologist (dear CHRIST how do you spell that?) comes in. With stiches and a black eye. Seems he had a run in with a picture frame AND a luggage cart carrying his dry cleaners on the street. At different times. Great. I have clumsy man as the guy who will hold my life in his hands.

He puts in the IV, which hurts like hell.

J has to leave go make his....er...donation. This is after I bitch at him multiple times cause he hit my IV hand slightly. Yes, I am irritable. Yes, I am nervous.

They take me into the room where there are literally 6 doctors and nurses. Up into the stirrups. Clumsy Man asks me to think about the best vacation I have ever been on. I say, oh, that was Indonnnnnnnnssssssssssnore.

I wake up 30 minutes later, crying. Crying? Why? Not sure. I think it was the drugs as as soon as I sobered up I stopped and was sort of unsure what made me do that. I was pretty calm, and felt little pain.

I did write a note to J that I wanted a bagel and coffee when I came out. It makes a girl hungry to get 25 EGGS FROM HER OVARIES. 25. And he said 15 looked mature. Damn. Call me Col. Sanders. Now, if any of them are good, I will be happy! We find out tomorrow. After the PIO shots start. My pain tolerance will be really revved up by the time I actually get pregnant and have the damn baby.

J and I leave, me sated and happy with my coffee and bagel.

As soon as we hit the car, the pain sets in. Damn, folks.

The woman next to me in the operating room said it best: "It feels like you had really bad sex, and are constipated at the same time". Ah yes. Basically I can hardly stand up. Feels like my appendectomy almost 20 years ago - like if I walk upright my ovaries and uterus will just fall out. Ew.

Just took another tylenol. Hope that helps.

Grow eggies grow! Mommy is sick of this shit.

Oh, not one but TWO doctors mentioned what strong sperm J had. One even offered to bump chests with him to show how manly he is. I knew that. He is the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annasteeziologist? I think it requires a silent q in there somewhere. But I'm not christ, so I can't help you. ><>

Hey, who put that slow minivan in the middle of my comment??

25?? Dang! Sending happy, hopeful, fertile thoughts your way...

11:33 PM  

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