Saturday, January 06, 2007

Shot in the ass, and you're to blame...

Honey you give progsterone shots a bad name...

Sorry. A little Bon Jovi for you. I do live in Jersey, after all.

J, the world's best shot giver, missed it a bit today. The shot was ok but I am experiencing major stinging and pain throughout my right butt cheek. Gave up on sleep and am now getting ready for Transfer Day, 2007 on Monday. My super supportive, thoughtful folks bought me these awesome relaxation tapes and I am burning them to IPOD this morning so I can listen to them Monday and will these babies to implant. I washed my sheets yesterday, and am washing all my comfie pjs and robe that says LoverGirl (that my singing group bought us for our wedding, they are AWESOME and SOFT and CUDDLY! Thanks guys!). I am scheduled for acupuncture on Tuesday, and just need to make sure that Dr S thinks I can travel into the city that day. Basically, we are all set.

At this point, it is up to fate. The rate of success with IVF varies; some places tell you 70% over three cycles, but it looks like the national average is more like 35% for women my age. Not great odds, but then again, people get pregnant this way, right? And as J says, super sperm gotta count for something. I keep telling myself that it may not work, basically to protect myself, but of course I am thinking positively and hoping.

I allowed myself to doze this morning and think about having twins. Holy shit. I pictured J and I dealing with that. Wow. Anyway, it was a fun daydream but I am not sure if that were reality I wouldn't lose it. At this point, I will be happy with anything; the nice thing about these treatments is that you really solidify that fact that you want, and are ready for, a baby.

I had another thought. Why are there no movies about infertility? Not even a drama, hell, there is enough funny about all this shit that I am surprised that no one ever made a comedy about it. Does anyone know of one?

There are SO MANY people affected by this, I would assume that RESOLVE's members alone would make it a box office splash. Any screenwriters out there who want to pitch this with me? We can stay with my sister in LA....

We may try to go to the boat show today, depending on how my walking is going. We ventured out to dinner yesterday which was huge. Every time the car hit a bump though I was through the roof. Just a friendly reminder of the 28 needles stuck into me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That shot was textbook. Any soldier in 'nam would have sucked me off for giving a shot like that.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Indian Food said...

OMG, just left you a message at work about how everything went, but now I guess I know. Sounds like two tons of fun, my friend.

9:37 AM  

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