Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bad news and good news

Bad news first: I am potentially in the early stages of Ovarian HyperStimulated Syndrome, which is a very nasty and painful (and potentially tremendously dangerous) problem caused when the ovaries produce too many follicles, and begin to secrete fluid into the body cavity. Bascially, I am so bloated it hurts to walk, breath, and stand up. I just got back from crawling to the bathroom.

I won't be funny about this because honestly, I am scared shitless. I had an emergency appointment with Dr S today, who took blood (which will verify or negate the OHSS) and did an ultrasound. He said my midsection is filled with fluid but the lungs are clear, so right now at least it is a mild case. We are waiting a few days to see if this develops from mild to severe. If that happens, this cycle is cancelled and I must check into the hospital. I am not kidding, this is the worst pain I have felt. Maybe ever. I am trying to be positive and think it will go away. Please all do that as well.

I am at home, J is waiting on me hand and foot (what an amazing man) and I have to get up every hour to walk around as OHSS can cause blood clots. I am wearing Ted Hose to prevent (no comment that my father had to wear them too) clots from forming. I have been alternately crying and moaning all day but think maybe that may stop. EIther from sitting all day, or from the pounds of Gatorade I have to drink, I am not in as much pain. This is unfortunately not uncommon, especially for PCOS ladies, but it still sucks. Look up OHSS on Google and watch the magic. Good news is I am still peeing regularly (TMI!) which is a good sign, that means my body is still getting rid of water. If that stops we are in big trouble.

Work is a far distant memory. I tried to work this morning, but had to limp into a cab to the drs an hour after arriving. I got home with Jeff and tried for a few more hours but broke down and just took a sick day, at least today and tomorrow.

Anyway, enough whining. Good news: We had 16 embryos fertilize. I think that may be unheard of. We actually had 18 fertilize (out of 25!) but two are abnormal as two of J's sperm wormed their way in there. He and the embryologist had a good laugh about a threesome with my egg, but laughing hurt me and I started moaning and really ruined the mood.

So...worst case: we cancel the transfer and do it when I am well. Freeze the babies and replant them later. Not ideal as it does hurt the chances, but we got embryos to spare right now. Best case, I stop feeling like a microwaved hot dog without those fork holes in them and we do the transfer Monday. It is Monday because with this many embries we can afford to choose the very best. A few may drop off, but since the average rate of fertilization is around 50%, our 70-80% is really good news. When Erik told me I started crying harder, mostly from relief. This is all good news people, except the excrutiating pain. And that, too, shall pass.

Pop quiz: who is the biggest mess you know right now? ME!

Think good thoughts people. Gotta get these fluids cut down. i look as pregnant as I actually want to get.


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