Monday, January 01, 2007

Movin on Up

So Nurse C called yesterday and said my E2 levels had tripled in two days. Dr s wants to move up my schedule. Here is the new one:

Sunday night - 75 UI of Follistim and 5 UI of Lupron (taken in the UWS restaurant where we had New Years)
Monday night - HCG shot. This really freaked me out as we had not learned how to take it yet. Thank God J is smart and calm and totally figured it out.
Tuesday night - Start Doxycycleine pills for infection
Wed at 6:45 am - Retrieval!
Sunday or Tuesday of next week - Transfer (god willing)

I had to immediately go upstairs and take a nap after this. I was totally freaked. I feel like we are not ready.

I called C back and asked a bunch of questions, the most important being if I had only 15 follies with the largest being 18 mm, did Dr S think we would be ready? She said with these E2 levels my follies would grow and grow over the last few days and and by the time we came in Wed would be great.

So, tonight. Trigger shot. Yikes. I dreamt that I gave it to myself but didn't push the plunger in, just to see how it felt. I think it won't feel good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're totally ready. Just like expectant mothers usually say they never feel 100% ready to have kids, you're ready for this and remember - the shot comes and goes fairly quickly. Put a really hilarious movie on tv and watch it while you get the shot... and tell me how it goes.

If you can shoot up twice at a fancy restaurant, a bigger shot at home will be a piece of cake! We're constantly thinkin' about you two :)

1:30 PM  

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