Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hang low, sweet ovaries

So yesterday's Doctor S appointment went well, he said I have three or four follies over 12 mm, which is good progress. He was happy and told me to come back Sunday.

Then, as we left, I started feeling that same heavy feeling on the sides of my body, like I had to big balls of clay in either side. Like if I jump too high and came down hard my ovaries would separate from my internal organs and spill out. It progressed through the day, and my old friend fatigue came back. By the end of the day I had ovarian twinges almost all the time, and could literally feel the eggs in there.

Sure enough, when the nurse called (which she only said she would do if there was a problem) she said that she is reducing my dose from 175UI to 150UI as my E2 count went from 300 to 800 in two days, and he is in danger of overstimming me again. I can't imagine what the 25UI less really does,but I have to follow his directions. I do feel like I did last time. I am nervous, as overstim means cancelled cycle, but also not quite as nervous as with IVF overstim is not always a bad thing - they can control it and WANT you to make too many eggs. If they cancel this cycle my head will explode.

So I slept 12 hours last night (tho J is still sleeping and he isn't carrying two heavy ovaries, so maybe we are just tired) and feel a bit better. As I was laying there last night I felt like whatever side I was on, that ovary was going to dislodge and come out my side. I ended up falling asleep on my back to avoid that feeling.

Oh, sweet ovaries, please chill a bit. And blood, please cleanse. i really want to get these eggs out; one (or more) is our future baby....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the nurse (and RE) are staying on top of it and changing your dosage even if it's slightly to be sure not to overstim. Sounds like they are being really proactive but not total alarmists, which is def. good for you two.

If you are feeling like crud tomorrow, keep us posted. HEALTH COMES FIRST.

11:52 AM  

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