Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My tummy stings

Just did my two-fer for tonight. Saw Dr K today (guess Dr S took the day off) and he said I am doing great, everything looks good and my protocol should stay the same. This time I am wondering if I am going to produce like a chicken farm; it has only been 5 days but this time last time I was already ready to pop. Watch, this is the month where my ovaries take a rest. He mentioned potentially upping my dose but I reminded him that last time I overstim'd, so he is taking it easy. I guess we will see if more follies pop up on Friday.

Took a three day vacation with J to Florida, like all good Jews do. It was really really fun, tons of sun and some scuba. J said it may be the last time we do that for awhile, scuba is a big no-no when with child. This time I swallowed too much salt water and barfed off the side of the boat (ahem, 4 times), which is a friggin neophyte maneuver and I was mortified. That turned to disgusted when about 50 snappers pounced on my half-digested breakfast like it was chum. It was so amazingly stupid I laughed right after the show; seriously, who throws up off the side of a dive boat?

Anyway, about this cycle, we shall see. I don't have a feeling either way this time, positive or negative, which sort of scares me. My zen-like calm around this is very out of character for me. I hope I can keep it up. I see the acupuncturist tomorrow, and perhaps it is her handiwork that has rendered me, shall I say, relatively normal in my anxiety level? I am waiting for the bloated, headachy, moody, crying freak to fly her flag like last cycle, but so far I am just a sort of off kilter, slightly bloated, ovarian-twingy normal person.


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