Sunday, March 25, 2007

Injections- the gift that keeps on giving

I had a nice day yesterday - slept in, then went to get a massage and then hair colored and then dinner with our friend R & D. Great day.

I realized during the massage, which was a gift from J, that I still have quite a bit of pain around the injection sites from my progesterone in oil shots expertly given to me by my husband. He did a great job, it is just the needles are giant and the progesterone is in, well, oil, so it makes these giant lumps that ache like a deep bruise for days on end. And I get one a day.

It is mostly my upper butt and front of my legs. It makes me wonder what the hell we did in there - it feels like nerve damage - sort of tingly and sore and sometimes sharp pain. It also makes me wonder what it will feel like when we start again. Natasha the strong-armed massuese made me cringe, so a 1 1/2 inch needle will probably force J to peel me off the ceiling. And we are doing this again? Jesus.

And I mean Jesus as an expletive, not a prayer.

In other news I am taking myself shopping today to get a few new suits, I have fully embraced this job search thing and got another call this week for an interesting one, so I figure it is time. And if I change my mind, I can always start wearing suits to my current role. That will fuck with them.

Spent an hour last night trying to get a feed put on here - what that means is that you can subscribe to wannabere, and when I write a new missive you will get it sent to your personal email. No more pesky COMING TO MY WEBSITE to get my latest info - it is all sent to you in the privacy of your own email. It sounds like the ultimate in laziness but honestly it is really nice. Anyway both J and I tried to get it to work and didn't have much luck, we will try again later today. If all else fails I will call R, she is my own personal techie, like Nick the IT Guy on Saturday Night Live, only nicer.


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