Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not much to report -but something sorta interesting

At all. Like nothing is going on.

Work is very quiet, as they laid off a good deal of folks and everyone else is freaked out. I spend most of my days organizing and surfing the web. I am sure that will change once people realize we are still here.

No news on the IVF front as my beta is not zero. Goddamnit.

Some good news - my dad had a successful operation for prostate cancer - he implanted 102 seeds and is good to go, we hope.

I am slowly coming out of my shell, have booked dinners every night next week with long lost friends as J is gone.

I got invited to the baby shower of a friend from work who is an IVF success story - she is 20 weeks along. She actually pre-invited me, she wanted to make sure it was ok to invite me and J and not insensitive. I said I would be glad to go, but of course have mixed feelings. She has had a hard road - so I am happy for her, but it will be difficult to go.

I found something interesting online today - embryo adoption and donation. Basically, many couples freeze perfectly good embryos during IVF and then either get pregnant or decide to stop trying, and dont need them. Some religious folk out there (none of whom read my blog, I am sure, due to the prevelance of SHIT and FUCK and other words they tend not to like) think of the embryos as "people" and don't want to destroy them or donate them (God forbid) to stem cell research (which J and I are trying to do if we ever make enough - we are in love with stem cell research) so they donate them. Or you can actually adopt them. It costs less than IVF, a hell of a lot less than adoption, and no one comes after you 10 years later to "take back" the embryos like they might domestically adopted children. AND you get to experience pregnancy. I sent the link to J begging him not to kill me for looking into it. He didn't.

We have asked Dr S about donor eggs and he said there is NO WAY we need to think about that yet. However, I am an overacheiver and like to have 10 plans in the works. So, this is interesting. If anyone knows anything about this email me. I feel like it is controversial or something as it is SO MUCH easier than IVF and donor eggs and adoption, why aren't more people doing it? I would do it. And try to find a couple that looks like us without all our health issues. If we adopt the kid won't have our DNA anyway, so why not?


Anonymous JoySuzanne said...

I looked into embryo donation (or adoption) and there aren't very many embryos out there. To "adopt" embryos, like through the Snowflake people, they have to choose you; and to donate you get on a very long list. I thought it was a great idea too. Good luck - Joy

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