Monday, March 12, 2007

RESOLVE - to join resolve

Randomly I got a package this weekend with a bunch of great stuff in it from RESOLVE - which is the national infertility somethingorother. I can't remember if I ordered it, or if someone ordered it for me, but it was f-ing great. It had resources and a magazine and pamphlets and info on basically everything you would ever want to know about ART, adoption, embryo donation, etc. So if someone else ordered it for me, thanks!!!! I plan to join up. They even have crisis counselors you can call if you miscarry or have a question about OHSS or something - like home phone #s. Maybe I will pull a Bart Simpson and prank call. Can you imagine? So inappropriate!

It said in there that NJ has some law protecting infertile couples that says if you work in NJ you HAVE to have 6 IVFs covered through insurance! Hello! Ok between that and the domestic partnerships NJ has approved I may not be totally embarassed to say I live here anymore. I need to call to see if NY has any such rule as of course I work here. It is really cool.

I am feeling better about work - like maybe things will work out. I am back to enjoying what i do and feeling appreciated. That is nice.

I posted to one of my message boards around embryo adoption/donation and received a blistering email - I guess it is sort of contentious. oops.

So if my beta is zero tomorrow we have some decisions. Hard ones. I hope it is as the waiting is killing me. Timing is a challenge too as Jeff is out of town all of May.

Basically we have to decide what to do - go around again? Try something new? All I can say is this time I may go into Blog Radio Silence - all your support and love last time was just what the doctor ordered but this time I think J and I want to be an army of 2 around the treatments - I felt like my excitement made others excited and then when the fall came, it came hard. This way we won't tell anyone and you can all just find out when you get invited to the bris. Or naming. Or both.

Will write tomorrow with beta results...


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