Friday, March 30, 2007

We take a break from fertility talk..

to bring you a funny story. I may live in the big city, but you can't take Idaho fully outta me.

My good friend K works for a major entertainment magazine and she from time to time makes my entire year by taking me to a cool industry event. She has been my ticket to the VMAs and other fun things. This is not why I love her - she is the coolest chick ever, funny and kind and awesome, but being with a funny awesome kind person at an amazing party is just icing.

She took me to the Sopranos premiere party the other night. It was a to-do at Radio City, with 2000 people in various stages of appropriate and inappropriate dress (some of them looked like they were channeling Adrienne). The entire cast was there and we watched the first two episodes, which btw are absolutely fantastic.

At the afterparty we ate lots of pasta and then walked around doing our favorite thing, seeing famous people. I swear THEY ARE JUST LIKE US. They were eating and talking to friends and doing interviews.

We saw James Gandolfini and Lorraine Bracco and Jamie Lynn Sigler (skinny b.itch) and then, the coup de grace, walked within 2 feet of Edie Falco. I worship her, both for her acting and her just general coolness. So K is in front of me and I grabbed her arm and said "THERE'S EDIE FALCO!" and I mean I said it really loud. Like football game cheering loud.

Well, because famous people ARE just like us, she was not in a soundproof box, and since she was maybe .5 feet from me, she turned around like she maybe knew me or at least was just a normal person who heard her name being yelled by a total stranger.

I ducked and TOOK OFF because I was so embarassed. There is a fine art to starfucking and I crossed the line - stare, but don't draw attention to yourself or the fact that you are starfucking. K totally cracked up and we left soon after. I hope to be invited back to a cool industry event someday, but need to probably exhibit tremendous cool until then.

A friend recently told me he had a friend at another event and was seated by Cher. This friend said, as loudly as I did, "OH MY GOD THERE IS CHER" at which point she turned around (see: not in soundproof box) and said "OH MY GOD I AM CHER". If that had happened I would've moved back to Portland just to get away from the shame.


Anonymous tritonofthesea said...

Out thar whar you claim to come from (whar is that, Ahdaho?), Southwest Airlines has an ad: "Need to get away?!" Sounds like a Falco-Cher connection.

Love from all your very best fans/D

1:42 PM  

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