Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dr S was on a roll

Seriously. I think he got into the Lupron. He was very funny today. Joking, etc. I like him. I will like him less if he f's up this cycle.

Anyway, everything looks A-Ok though of course we have to see what the blood test says. If my E2 levels are too high it is a wash. But, as of right now, I reduce Lupron on Sunday to half strength, and start 175ui of Follistim. Lowest dose. I come back Wed and Fri, and then probably retreival is the next Tues, and transfer (IF there is anything to transfer) is 3-5 days later. So for the next week, I get to give myself two shots a day in the belly. How fun! Last night was another capillary buster. Ew.

So my insurance doesn't cover ICSI (shooting stuff directly into the egg to increase fertilization chances) and he doesn't think we will need it (cause J has strong swimmers), but if so he will do it free of charge. What we will have to pay for is the egg hatching, where they put a tiny bit of acid on the end of the egg to increase implantation chances (older eggs are thicker. ew). It is recommended for women over 35 and is par for the course for most folks. My friend S who is preggers with IVF twins had it. So, that is $1500. Not bad though.

Lupron headache has crossed the line between mild and mildly annoying. Nothing helps. It is like having a veil on my head. Oh well. Tomorrow is a short work day and then am off for a week.


Anonymous Your sista said...

Dude, your blog is the funniest thing I've ever read. It is AWESOME. I just read the article in US on Melissa and Tammy and thought of you, glad someone tipped you off. I'm jealous that J cleaned your house. Love you.

2:19 AM  

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