Friday, March 14, 2008

The latest

Things baby C is doing:
  • Rolling over, mostly to the left but sometimes to the right
  • Smiling up a storm
  • Laughing!
  • Eating rice cereal. Or sort of eating, sort of wearing
  • Cuddling with everyone
  • Being tall and chunky - 75% in both height and weight
  • Holding her head up beautifully
  • Pushing up on her arms
Things her mom is doing:
  • Stressing out over working FT
  • Upping her dose of SSRIs to calm the anxiety that something will happen to my family
  • Picking fights with J
  • Threatening to quit Sirens even though she doesn't want to
  • Loving C and J so much it hurts
  • Loving being a mommy
So, all in all, things are well.